Strejke i Pireaus d. 8/7-2010


Kunne være andre der er berørt ligesom os, 24 timers strejke blandt
havnepersonel fra d. 8/7 man må vel gå ud fra det starter kl. 00.00.

Det vides heller ikke om det omfatter alle havnearbejdere og dermed alle


Seamen to close Piraeus port

In what is fast becoming a major headache for the country’s tourism sector,
the Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO) has announced that it will be
staging another 24-hour strike on July 8, preventing travelers from boarding
island-bound ferries at the port of Piraeus. Several blockades over the past
few weeks have resulted in thousands being stranded at the country’s main
port and on the Aegean islands. The decision to strike next Thursday, when
another general strike is also scheduled, was made after tensions peaked
during a session of PNO’s executive committee between federation members and
representatives of the militant Communist Party-affiliated group PAME.



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